What Do You Know About A Kitchen Odor Absorber?

To get rid of dust and air pollution, owing a kitchen odor absorber will be a wise choice.

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Dust, mold, bacteria make the house you live in polluted the air. To handle this pollution, you can burn essential oils to help reduce harmful fumes and gases in your home; or open indoor windows to circulate air.

Also, you can use a kitchen odor absorber. So, what is this machine? We will find out now!

Is Your House Contaminated?

Many people often think that air pollution only occurs in streets or factories without knowing that their home is also at risk of contamination. Air pollution not only affects children’s health but also causes many respiratory diseases.

The World Health Organization (WHO) warns that millions of people die each year from indoor air pollution, due to the use of dangerous fuels such as coal, or agricultural waste.

Causes Of Indoor Air Pollution

Many factors contribute to reducing indoor air quality, such as cigarette smoke or chemicals. Exposure to chemicals can cause allergies in young children.

Besides, a little known factor is indirect smoke. The indirect smoke occurs when nicotine binds to a smoker’s clothes. Nicotine interacts with the indoor environment, absorbing on soft surfaces.

These factors become even more severe if your home is not ventilated and airy. Moreover, if your house is surrounded by tall buildings, air pollution becomes more serious.

How To Get Rid Of Air Pollution?

It is not easy to altogether remove dust from your home. Here are some measures to remove dirt to avoid air pollution.

  • Some simple ways to prevent dust
  • Burning essential oils helps to reduce harmful fumes and gases in the home.
  • Vacuum all rooms in your house.
  • Washing pillows or blanket twice a month
  • Eliminate the moisture in some areas such as basement or bathroom
  • Cleaning furniture regularly to avoid dust
  • Open the indoor windows to circulate the air
  • If there are a lot of trees around the house or your neighborhood, you should not open the door at dusk because mosquitoes will fly into the house.

As you know, there are three main ways to control dirt: vacuuming, cleaning, and using an air purifier. Now, let’s look at the kitchen odor absorber that is considered to be the best on the market today!

The Machine to absorb the kitchen odor

A kitchen odor absorber works with a three-stage air filtration system combined with PlasmaWave technology and True HEPA filter.

Carbon filters are designed to reduce cooking odors, smoke particles, and pet odors in the air. HEPA filters can capture 99.97 percent of contaminants in the air.

About the PlasmaWave technology, it provides molecular air purity by breaking chemical vapors without releasing a very harmful gas – Ozone.

It Will Worth Your Money

With the kitchen odor absorber, you could stay away from the air pollution and protect the health for all your family members.